Podcast: Does Acupuncture hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?  Marie discusses this common question:   What is it like to have acupuncture? Will sticking needles into me be painful? This is a great question, and a very simple explanation of how acupuncture needles work will help you feel more at ease if it’s your first time to consider seeing an Acupuncturist.  Answering Read more about Podcast: Does Acupuncture hurt?[…]

Acupuncture in pregnancy

Acupuncture in Pregnancy?

“Can I use Acupuncture in Pregnancy?” is a very common question we hear at Metro Health. Chinese medicine practitioner (herbs and acupuncture), Marie Hopkinson explains the Chinese Medicine perspective, and answers some common questions: Pregnancy can be one of life’s most amazing experiences, certainly each pregnancy is different and can have it’s own different health Read more about Acupuncture in Pregnancy?[…]

Discover the peace zone…

Where is your peace zone? Where is the place where everything shuts off, where your mind can focus on a singular thing? Just breathe – no emails, no ideas or problems, no bills, no to do list or things to organize.  …just breathe in and out. Feel that life giving breath as your chest expands Read more about Discover the peace zone…[…]

Stories from China… Inside the Chinese Medicine Hospital

My three months in Hangzhou as an intern at the Hangzhou Shi Zhong Yi Yuan was one of my most memorable life experiences. As a teacher in Chinese Medicine, I am constantly urging my students to “go to China”. There is no substitute for this experience. I can’t even articulate all the reasons eloquently why Read more about Stories from China… Inside the Chinese Medicine Hospital[…]

Natural ways to stop pain

When your in pain, all you want to do is work out the fastest way to stop the pain. Toothache, headache, back pain, stomach pains, joint pains – there are lots of natural ways to stop and relieve pain fast. Acupuressure for natural pain relief For thousands of years people have been rubbing where it Read more about Natural ways to stop pain[…]

Surviving the Festive Season – Chinese medicine tips

With a calendar full of parties and Christmas day just around the corner, how do you survive the festive season without putting on extra kilos, getting over-stressed or going crazy? Chinese medicine practitioner, Marie Hopkinson shares some tips based on the Ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine that can help you get through the silly season. Read more about Surviving the Festive Season – Chinese medicine tips[…]