easy door frame stretch by Anne Stewart Remedial massage Therapist at Metro Health and Medicine

Easy Stretch for tight upper body

This easy stretch can be done at home, work, school or wherever you have access to a door frame, and it makes a real difference. Anne Stewart, Remedial Massage Therapist at Metro Health regularly gives her patients stretching tips as part of the treatment. Simple Door frame stretch  Target muscles: Pectoral muscles – Chest (If Read more about Easy Stretch for tight upper body[…]


Sciatica is one of the most common pain’s an acupuncturist typically sees. There are lots of variations of treatments that can be used by an Acupuncturist, and even Chinese herbs are available as a treatment option. Cupping, Moxibustion and Electro acupuncture are common treatments for sciatic pain, but before we go into these treatments, let’s Read more about Sciatica[…]

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Sinusitis symptoms are a very common presentation in the Chinese medicine clinic. Acupuncture can help to reduce symptoms often with immediate effect. An acupuncturist will use points according to your Chinese medicine diagnosis, which are often on the hands and feet, combined with what’s known as local points to alleviate the symptoms like pressure in the Read more about Sinusitus[…]

Research shows Massage Improves your Immune System

Massage Improves your Immune System.  Research shows massage improves our ability to fight off cold and flu’s, increasing the number of circulating lymphocytes (white blood cells needed to fight infections). In one study, the test group had just one 45 minute massage compared to the control group who had light touch. Blood tests were taken at Read more about Research shows Massage Improves your Immune System[…]