Busy Professionals

Chinese Medicine Health tips for busy professionals

Chinese Medicine is all about balance – it’s not necessarily either/or.

It’s common for Acupuncturists to see stressed-out executives, busy professionals who are working hard, which can take it’s toll on the body.

At Metro Health, our practitioners are here to help people. We don’t judge people, and we always maintain your confidentiality about your health and private life. This is something that’s incredibly important when your going through a tough time, and we respect that. All health practitioners are bound by code of ethics to keep your confidentiality. If you see a practitioner they will do all the work for you in terms of making a diagnosis and giving you a tailor-made health improvement plan which you can work elements of into your life.

There are some things you can do for yourself.

Once common pattern of disharmony (Thats what Chinese Medicine calls the diagnosis) is Liver Qi Stagnation.

It’s so common that i’ve made a video about it. 

  1. SINGING, LAUGHING and EXERCISE are the best things for treating Stagnation
  2. Finding a creative outlet is also incredibly important. It doesn’t mean you have to become the next Picasso or Paganini, but everyone has creativity in them to be released. You might do it in your cooking, your job,

In different seasons of life you might release creativity in different areas. For instance I love music and play different instruments. But running my businesses I don’t practice every day like I used to. If I  sing in a band once a week and that is a great physical outlet, and I love that I can practice singing almost anywhere (unlike guitar or cello which is a bit more intrusive to bring into my shop to have a practice).  However, I can release my creativity at work in so many different ways -making new products, improving product design or package design, making marketing displays, teaching staff to make marketing displays and window displays – that’s all good for me in terms of letting off steam of Qi Stagnation.

Find outlet for your creativity. Don’t keep your talents bottled up.

3. Stand more rather than sitting. Get up and be flexible in your posture while at work. read more on my sitting vs standing blog post.

4. Pungent Foods 

Spring onions, garlic, coriander, mint, basil are examples

Especially FRESH HERBS – Grow a pot of fresh herbs and you will have easy access to them. You can just throw on your food just before serving for a lot of dishes.

When your busy in life doing things, that can be good for you. In Chinese medicine WORK is one of the four pillars of life (WORK / REST (Relaxation and Sleep)  / FOOD / ACTIVITY (exercise)) which need to be in balance for health.

One key question to ask yourself is are you “Stressed out” with worry, anxious about life and business or work, or are you enjoying the ride but just incredibly busy. If your health is suffering you can get help to put things back in balance by seeing your Chinese Medicine health practitioner and/or your GP. If you have symptoms requiring urgent care do not hesitate to go to your GP or hospital.