Considered one of the 6 Pathogens in Chinese Medicine, wind can cause disharmony in our body. No, in case you were wondering, we are not talking about the flatulence type of wind! Much of Chinese medicine can be understood from observation, particularly observing our body and the environment. While moderate wind in the environment is tolerable, Read more about Wind[…]

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

This simple, Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot can be made as a soup or chowder-type casserole dish and can transition the body through the Autumn to winter seasons. Also It’s Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Season: Autumn, Winter Flavours: Sweet Element: EARTH Purpose: Nourish the Spleen and Stomach, Can be modified for Liver Energy (Qi) Stagnation, Dampness Read more about Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot[…]

Are you ready for Spring?

Are you ready for Spring? Did you know SPRING is the BEST SEASON to make HEALTH CHANGES? Chinese medicine is founded on empirical evidence, observation how our body behaves differently during different seasons. Therefore we should treat our body differently in each season. This pertains to three key lifestyle areas – Sleep, Diet and Exercise. Spring Read more about Are you ready for Spring?[…]

Winter Flu Busters

There are lots of early-intervention formulas to treat colds and flus in Chinese medicine. THE KEY IS EARLY TREATMENT. waiting until symptoms have lingered more than a day, it will be difficult to treat with food cures, however if you can catch the symptoms early enough then foods can provide a cheap, effective treatment for Read more about Winter Flu Busters[…]

winter got you down?

Busting Winter Blues

Feeling down from the winter blues? You’re not alone. In winter, the lack of sunshine rays makes some people more vulnerable to feelings of depression, flatness and even sadness.   Lithium is a natural chemical that our bodies absorb through the skin which is present in rays of sunshine. Natural sunlight has the ability to wake us Read more about Busting Winter Blues[…]


To paraphrase from the Yellow Emperor, “Spring is the season where all living creatures grow” Growth is a vital part of our lives, not just physically but mentally. The spring season brings warmpth that pushes our Yang Qi (Energy) from it’s hybernative state of winter to the exterior of the body. The sun rises earlier Read more about Spring[…]