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Get a better nights sleep

Getting Better Sleep with Chinese Medicine When you can’t sleep, in medical terms it’s called Insomnia. Sleep quality can be improved with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and helped with Chinese diet therapy. Research supports the treatment of Insomnia with acupuncture and herbs. As with all conditions, the way a Chinese Medicine practitioner approaches the Read more about Get a better nights sleep[…]

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why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together

Herbal medicine and acupuncture are two of the five treatment branches of Chinese medicine. Do they go separately or can you have them together? Chinese Medicine Doctor, Marie Hopkinson explains why you want to have herbs with your acupuncture. In my experience, acupuncture is much more well known than other aspects of Chinese medicine like Read more about why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together[…]

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Sinusitis symptoms are a very common presentation in the Chinese medicine clinic. Acupuncture can help to reduce symptoms often with immediate effect. An acupuncturist will use points according to your Chinese medicine diagnosis, which are often on the hands and feet, combined with what’s known as local points to alleviate the symptoms like pressure in the Read more about Sinusitus[…]

What is a Chinese Herbalist?

Exactly what does a Chinese Herbalist do? How is it different from a “herbalist” and why would I see a Chinese Herbalist? Marie Hopkinson, a Chinese herbalist from North Perth’s Metro health and Medicine explains: A Chinese herbalist practices according to the principals of Chinese Medicine.  Chinese Herbalist bases everything on Chinese Medicine. The diagnosis Read more about What is a Chinese Herbalist?[…]

Natural ways to stop pain

When your in pain, all you want to do is work out the fastest way to stop the pain. Toothache, headache, back pain, stomach pains, joint pains – there are lots of natural ways to stop and relieve pain fast. Acupuressure for natural pain relief For thousands of years people have been rubbing where it Read more about Natural ways to stop pain[…]

Mental Wellbeing with Chinese Medicine

When it comes to looking after our mental wellbeing, Australians are increasing their use of herbal and natural medicines… 72.9% of Australians who sought help for a mental health issue, used some form of natural medication in 2001 (National Health Survey, 2001). According to the National Health Survey (2004-5), the three leading conditions Australians sought Read more about Mental Wellbeing with Chinese Medicine[…]

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese Herbs are the most powerful and complex area of Chinese medicine. Each patients herbs are prepared individually, changing as the body changes. If you have taken herbs before, you may have had to boil-up “yucky” herbs! This is also known Read more about What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?[…]