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Get a better nights sleep

Getting Better Sleep with Chinese Medicine When you can’t sleep, in medical terms it’s called Insomnia. Sleep quality can be improved with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and helped with Chinese diet therapy. Research supports the treatment of Insomnia with acupuncture and herbs. As with all conditions, the way a Chinese Medicine practitioner approaches the Read more about Get a better nights sleep[…]

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why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together

Herbal medicine and acupuncture are two of the five treatment branches of Chinese medicine. Do they go separately or can you have them together? Chinese Medicine Doctor, Marie Hopkinson explains why you want to have herbs with your acupuncture. In my experience, acupuncture is much more well known than other aspects of Chinese medicine like Read more about why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together[…]

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What to expect from your first consultation

Chinese medicine can be very different from other forms of medicine. What happens at your initial consultation? How long will it take and what can I do to prepare for it? Practice owner & Chinese herbalist Marie Hopkinson answers your questions about the first time you come in for acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. The point Read more about What to expect from your first consultation[…]

30 days of winter…day 2…Five foods you need for winter

Day 2 Lets talk about preparation for the inevitable colds and flus. There is no way to avoid it completely. Whether you see it as the Chinese Medicine system does – that our body can’t defend against with the cold and windy weather, or from a biomedical perspective –  the season that see’s workplace offices Read more about 30 days of winter…day 2…Five foods you need for winter[…]

Which Element is out of balance?

Take the Quiz to find out which element is most out of balance in your body: This quiz was created by Marie Hopkinson, practitioner at Metro Health and Medicine. Most people actually have a more complex situation than one element that’s out of balance, but you can use this quiz as a bit of fun Read more about Which Element is out of balance?[…]


What you need to know about Dampness

Damp or dampness is a name you will probably hear frequently from your Chinese medicine (CM) practitioner. Before you discovered CM you probably never heard of dampness. It’s a concept that is unique to CM, today Herbalist Marie Hopkinson talks about damp, and everyone should know about Dampness. Firstly, damp is one of six pathogenic Read more about What you need to know about Dampness[…]



Considered one of the 6 Pathogens in Chinese Medicine, wind can cause disharmony in our body. No, in case you were wondering, we are not talking about the flatulence type of wind! Much of Chinese medicine can be understood from observation, particularly observing our body and the environment. While moderate wind in the environment is tolerable, Read more about Wind[…]

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Improve your training with Chinese medicine.

How can Chinese medicine be used to improve your training? Acupuncture (and associated treatments like cupping) is often sought out by athletes because it’s not adding anything into your body. While there’s nothing illegal about Chinese herbs used in Australia, it is a legitimate concern for high level and competitive athletes using substances that may Read more about Improve your training with Chinese medicine.[…]

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Winter flu in spring? Why you get sick in the change of season

Why are flu’s and cold just as common, sometimes more common in spring as they are in winter? Why do we get winter colds in warmer weather like spring and summer? Chinese medicine has some answers. As one season ends, another comes. Yin into yang, yang into yin. While it’s normal around this time of Read more about Winter flu in spring? Why you get sick in the change of season[…]

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Gynaecology & Chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine has been treating women’s health problems (Gynaecology) for centuries. Whether it be a slight or major departing from normal functioning, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments are designed to correct the course of normal function. Common symptoms and conditions that can be treated include: Period pain (dysmenorrhoea), endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, menopausal discomforts and Read more about Gynaecology & Chinese medicine[…]