30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee

30 Days of winter continues with this fun new recipe. Mini slow cookers are great for winter, you can pick up these tiny slow cookers from supermarkets (I got one from Woolworths recently) for around $20. The benefits of slow cookers being smaller is great for congee, because generally each serve is quite small, and Read more about 30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee[…]

30 days of winter…day 7…Miso

Miso Soup one of the most simple, easy foods yet it’s often overlooked You can buy miso soup in one-cup portion sachets …did you know each sachet is only 25 calories! The low calories is not the only reason it’s so good for winter. As a soup, it’s warm and nourishing. There are lot of Read more about 30 days of winter…day 7…Miso[…]

30 days of winter with Chinese medicine…day one

Winter is coming…actually in Australia June 1 means winter is here but officially the true seasonal start of Winter is June 21. In my 30 Days of winter blog series I will help you transition towards winter, give recipies, food and health advice for living more healthy, more naturally this winter. Sign up for the Read more about 30 days of winter with Chinese medicine…day one[…]


What you need to know about Dampness

Damp or dampness is a name you will probably hear frequently from your Chinese medicine (CM) practitioner. Before you discovered CM you probably never heard of dampness. It’s a concept that is unique to CM, today Herbalist Marie Hopkinson talks about damp, and everyone should know about Dampness. Firstly, damp is one of six pathogenic Read more about What you need to know about Dampness[…]

Sheng Jiang Fresh Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a very common herb used in Chinese Medicine, with heaps of health benefits. It’s no surprise when you see all the various ways it can be used. There are may uses in Naturopathic or western herbal medicine as well as Chinese medicine, for health problems. In Chinese Medicine, it’s one of those substances Read more about Health Benefits of Ginger[…]

Millet, pork and taro stew

Slow cooker pork millet stew   INGREDIENTS:   1x pork chop 1 cup millet 1 handful cinnamon chips or 3 teaspoons cinnamon ground 1 large handful Goji berries 1 palm size piece of taro root 2 pears 3-5 cups water ½ onion diced METHOD: Cut husky part off taro and cut into pieces. Peel and Read more about Millet, pork and taro stew[…]

Chinese Diet Therapy

Chinese Diet Therapy is about using foods for their properties – flavours and natures rather than a nutritional compound value (as a western nutritionist does). Everything is based on Chinese Medicine philosophy. Foods can be used to treat an illness   Foods can be used in a preventative way   Diet can be used to Read more about Chinese Diet Therapy[…]

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

This simple, Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot can be made as a soup or chowder-type casserole dish and can transition the body through the Autumn to winter seasons. Also It’s Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Season: Autumn, Winter Flavours: Sweet Element: EARTH Purpose: Nourish the Spleen and Stomach, Can be modified for Liver Energy (Qi) Stagnation, Dampness Read more about Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot[…]