New Years Resolution Part 1 – Thinking and the Intellect (Yi)

New Year Resolution Part 1 As new year fast approaches, many of us will ponder the good ‘ol New Years Resolution…here is a TCM take on how our body approaches decisions, will power and change. Chinese Medicine views our body in an entirely unique way, and our thinking, emotions and mental functions are not exempt Read more about New Years Resolution Part 1 – Thinking and the Intellect (Yi)[…]

How would you rate your health right now?

If you said  “I feel fine”, your probably in the great majority of people. Fine is ok, it’s livable. Often we don’t know what great or fantastic can be because we settle with fine. Not just our in health, but in lots of areas in life. When my phone contract ended in October last year, Read more about How would you rate your health right now?[…]

Discover the peace zone…

Where is your peace zone? Where is the place where everything shuts off, where your mind can focus on a singular thing? Just breathe – no emails, no ideas or problems, no bills, no to do list or things to organize.  …just breathe in and out. Feel that life giving breath as your chest expands Read more about Discover the peace zone…[…]

Mental Wellbeing with Chinese Medicine

When it comes to looking after our mental wellbeing, Australians are increasing their use of herbal and natural medicines… 72.9% of Australians who sought help for a mental health issue, used some form of natural medication in 2001 (National Health Survey, 2001). According to the National Health Survey (2004-5), the three leading conditions Australians sought Read more about Mental Wellbeing with Chinese Medicine[…]