What’s that Moxa smell all about?

Moxibustion, or moxa as it’s commonly know is a herbal therapy used in Chinese medicine, often alongside acupuncture, where the herb Mugwort (or moxa) is burned to warm acupuncture points. There are several types of moxa, and two main uses known as direct and indirect Moxa. Although Moxa smells similar to marijuana when it’s burning, Read more about What’s that Moxa smell all about?[…]

Ever woken up with a stiff neck in summer?

A common problem in Summer can be an invasion of wind. Wind is considered an “External Pathogenic Factor” in Chinese medicine. In summer, the kind of wind that we get most commonly is the wind we make ourselves (no, not from our bodies! ) but from fans and air conditioners. Wind in summer can also Read more about Ever woken up with a stiff neck in summer?[…]