30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee

30 Days of winter continues with this fun new recipe. Mini slow cookers are great for winter, you can pick up these tiny slow cookers from supermarkets (I got one from Woolworths recently) for around $20. The benefits of slow cookers being smaller is great for congee, because generally each serve is quite small, and Read more about 30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee[…]

30 days of winter…day 11…Herbal Beef Strog

Cooking with Herbs – Herbal Beef Strog We’re at day 10 already! Weather getting cooler and calling for a more hearty warming diet! This is my herbal version of a classic Russian dish. Herbal beef Strog switches out cream for yoghurt, and by adding some Chinese herbs and vegetable chowder to the dish is still Read more about 30 days of winter…day 11…Herbal Beef Strog[…]

30 days of winter…day 10…basic Veg Soup

Veg Soup…the basic of basics, but this soup can have lots of uses and it’s incredibly healthy…lets learn how to make it.  You can eat it as a heathy meal after recovery from the flu or colds where you had a bit of low appetite, its easy to digest and full of healthy vegies. use Read more about 30 days of winter…day 10…basic Veg Soup[…]

Millet, pork and taro stew

Slow cooker pork millet stew   INGREDIENTS:   1x pork chop 1 cup millet 1 handful cinnamon chips or 3 teaspoons cinnamon ground 1 large handful Goji berries 1 palm size piece of taro root 2 pears 3-5 cups water ½ onion diced METHOD: Cut husky part off taro and cut into pieces. Peel and Read more about Millet, pork and taro stew[…]

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot

This simple, Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot can be made as a soup or chowder-type casserole dish and can transition the body through the Autumn to winter seasons. Also It’s Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Season: Autumn, Winter Flavours: Sweet Element: EARTH Purpose: Nourish the Spleen and Stomach, Can be modified for Liver Energy (Qi) Stagnation, Dampness Read more about Autumn Huang Qi Hotpot[…]

Healing Paleo Vegitarian Salad

This salad is an unusual mix with a really delicious taste, and only takes 15-20 minutes to prepare. THIS RECIPE IS VEGETARIAN, PALEO Diet Friendly Options, GLUTEN-FREE, and HEALTHY in a CHINESE MEDICINE sense. IT CAN NOURISH SPLEEN QI, NOURISH YIN and mildly CLEAR HEAT. Combines cooked and raw, eaten Warm. I created this recipe Read more about Healing Paleo Vegitarian Salad[…]

Easy Slow Cooked Osso Bucco – Paleo Tonic

This easy to make recipe is natural, healthy and Paleo and it’s easy – only takes 10 minutes to prepare, you can buy all the ingredients at your local supermarket and it’s extremely healthy according to the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Overall, this recipie is a tonic which nourishes Blood and tonifies the Spleen Read more about Easy Slow Cooked Osso Bucco – Paleo Tonic[…]

Marrrow…the food of winter

Searching for comfort winter food?  Marrow is a great food to nourish the kidneys. Kidney nourishing recipes include Osso Bucco, kidney organ itself, seaweed, fungus family and walnuts. Soups and stews are particularly good cooking methods for winter, as they cook meats by adding water resulting in tender and moisture-rich foods. I made this kidney-tonic Read more about Marrrow…the food of winter[…]