Common problems

What conditions can be treated with Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine) ?

Most patients come in with particular health problems. These can be diagnosed diseases like “chronic sinusitus” or “sciatica”, “diabetes” , “a particular hormone imbalance” or symptoms like a constant runny nose or back pain.

At Metro Health the kind of Chinese medicine we practice is essentially about mobilising your own bodies resources, then it has to do the rest from there. Herbs and acupuncture are about regulating homeostasis functioning of the body – when it has a perfect functioning environment, it’s inhospitable to illness and disease.

The style of Chinese herbal medicine that Marie practices is called Classical Chinese Medicine.  Its’ about restoring function, giving herbs to restore your body’s balance. When this happens symptoms should start to shift, as your body gets healthier, its your body that does the healing.

Classical Chinese medicine firstly does not set out in “treating conditions” but it’s more like we treat people, no matter what your health complaint(s), symptoms are we will do our best to mobilise your body’s functioning so you have the best opportunity to be restored to health.

The following articles are examples of how Chinese Medicine views the pathology of dysfunction in particular illnesses or conditions.

Cold and Flu




There is a wide range of researching showing valid evidence based medicine (EBM) for acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine’s effectiveness to help in various conditions. Please contact our clinic to find out how we can help you, or to find out more about EBM for your health problem.

acupunctureOverall, it’s important to remember that Chinese Medicine (both herbs and acupuncture) is all about treatment of the individual, practitioners often do much more than treating one complaint or ailment. The holistic approach of Chinese medicine is it’s real treasure, which can’t be “proven” or shown effective by western scientific methods, since practitioners treat patients with the same complaint /disease/symptom so differently. If you unsure about whether Chinese Medicine can help you, just call or email to make your initial enquiry and we will put you in touch with a practitioner who can answer your individual questions.