February 2, 2015

How to take Your Herbs

How to take Concentrated Granule Herbs
There are two ways to take the herbs.

1) Put the teaspoon of granules on your tongue, towards the back and immediately swallow them down with water. Try to avoid the granules going around your mouth & teeth. This is the best way to avoid tasting the herbs.

2) Dissolve a teaspoon of granules in hot water. Add cool water to make drinkable. Drink down quickly, or sip as a tea if they taste palatable.

Take your herbs by the dosage prescribed, usually ½ hour after or before meals, and AWAY from tea or coffee. Timing of herbs is to aid absorption, and guide them to various parts of the body. If you are on any other medications, vitamins etc., you must tell your practitioner. The general strategy is to take herbs 1 hour away from other medications to avoid any unknown interaction.

If you experience any new symptoms while on the herbs and are unsure whether to continue with your formula, we encourage you to call for your practitioners advice.

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