Improve your training with Sports Acupuncture

How can Chinese medicine be used to improve your training?

Sports acupuncture (and associated treatments like cupping) is often sought out by athletes because it’s not adding anything into your body.

While there’s nothing illegal about Chinese herbs used in Australia, it is a legitimate concern for high level and competitive athletes using substances that may contain restricted substances at competition or olympic level. Acupuncture and cupping provide a great treatment option in this scenario. Olympian Michael Phelps was all over the news recently with his cupping marks at the Rio Olympics.

For non-competitive sport athletes, those in training and especially people getting started in exercise, Chinese herbal formulas can provide various strategies to enhance your training, promote early recovery and combat the detrimental effects of exercise.

Detrimental effects of exercise? 

What! can exercise have detrimental effects?

When we exercise, we sweat, which means we loose fluids from our body. In Chinese medicine, sweat is known as the “fluid of the heart”. Sweat is not just fluid like water. Within the watery component of sweat, there is Yang energy – a tiny amount of heat is contained in the water. So sweating dosen’t just mean fluid is lost but yang energy too.

Training and sweating alot mean that the body dries out faster, resulting in stiffness, pain, clicking, and easier to become injured if a tendon is over-strained. think of a rubber band. the more rubbery it is the less it can break. If you leave a rubber band out in the sun, it will dry out and when you stretch it it will break.

Exercise can also strain our body when we first get going or step up a fitness regime, as muscles and tendons get more work than they are used to.

Stains, sprains and acute injuries can be treated with Chinese medicine – external use herbs like Safflower – Hong Hua is a commonly used external herbal application for pain, and injury to the muscles and tendons.

Acute injuries cause swelling and stagnation (of Qi or energy and Blood) which causes pain. Acupuncture and cupping promotes movement of blood, speeding up the bodies own healing process.

If your thinking of trying Acupuncture, cupping or herbs for post-exercise support ask our practitioners how we can help you. Marie is available by consultation.


Marie Hopkinson is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Practicing from her clinic in North Perth, WA- METRO HEALTH AND MEDICINE. Marie can be consulted for appointments, while in-person is preferred, Email /phone consultations can be arranged. Marie has been practicing since 2000, completing initial 3-year course in Chinese Medicine at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies in WA. Marie has been to China for additional training in the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Hangzhou Shi Zhong Yi Yuan) twice as well as completing a Master of International Health at Curtin University in 2006. Marie is passionate about the effective practice and understanding of Chinese Medicine and enjoys the opportunity to educate patients about the benefits of self-help aspects such as diet therapy, as well as teaching Chinese Medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

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