Natural Hair Mask

Did you know you can make a mask for your hair as well as your face? Our ultimate make-your-own Face Mask Kit has 3 kinds of clay, one of which is perfect for hair. Green French clay, also known as bentonite clay, makes a great mask for the hair and scalp. Why put a face Read more about Natural Hair Mask[…]

The Proven Power of Scent

Get my new e-book, the proven power of scent, an 8 page research report detailing what scent will work best in a variety of environments…work, study, bedroom… Find out which scents will help get you motivated, feel less stressed while doing the jobs to be done. What scents can help you relax and feel sleepy? Read more about The Proven Power of Scent[…]

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The key to understanding your whole body

“My brain is hardwired for Chinese Medicine” Marie Hopkinson In everything I do, I believe Chinese Medicine is the most effective framework to understand the intricate inter-relationship between the body, mind and soul. It has the power to treat these intricate inter-relationships that exist, effecting change in our body entire. I believe the the power Read more about The key to understanding your whole body[…]

Which Element is out of balance?

Take the Quiz to find out which element is most out of balance in your body: This quiz was created by Marie Hopkinson, practitioner at Metro Health and Medicine. Most people actually have a more complex situation than one element that’s out of balance, but you can use this quiz as a bit of fun Read more about Which Element is out of balance?[…]

5 Element Personality Test

The Wu Xing, means 5 phases or 5 elements, and it’s a big part of Chinese Medicine. One style of Chinese medicine purports that people have a particular element they gravitate towards. There is an online study that can be taken to help you discover which elements best describe you.. At the end of the Read more about 5 Element Personality Test[…]