The Proven Power of Scent

Get my new e-book, the proven power of scent, an 8 page research report detailing what scent will work best in a variety of environments…work, study, bedroom… Find out which scents will help get you motivated, feel less stressed while doing the jobs to be done. What scents can help you relax and feel sleepy? Read more about The Proven Power of Scent[…]

Study Stress Busters

Study Stress is normal when you’ve got end of year final exam time, assignments deadline looming…not to mention the normal life pressure like work, relationships, kids, family and health. The good news is that Chinese Medicine can help you get through the end of semester season. Herbalist and Acupuncturist Marie Hopkinson gives some study tips: Read more about Study Stress Busters[…]

What to do when you feel stressed

Stress  Just reading this word can raise some people’s blood pressure a few points…but actually stress is a normal part of life. We needn’t be afraid of it. We even need certain types of stress to be healthy. However stress can affect individuals in different ways. Why do some people seem to be able to Read more about What to do when you feel stressed[…]

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Busy Professionals

Chinese Medicine Health tips for busy professionals Chinese Medicine is all about balance – it’s not necessarily either/or. It’s common for Acupuncturists to see stressed-out executives, busy professionals who are working hard, which can take it’s toll on the body. At Metro Health, our practitioners are here to help people. We don’t judge people, and Read more about Busy Professionals[…]

Ease tension and stress with Acupressure

Treating stress with Acupressure isn’t hard, In this post, Acupuncturist Marie Hopkinson will show you how you can give yourself a 3 minute stress-buster in your work day. Acupressure is simply pressing on acupuncture points to release a similar-like effect to acupuncture. When you feel Qi in the points (Qi is essentially energy pronounced chee) Read more about Ease tension and stress with Acupressure[…]

3 Instant Stress Busters

Stress. Just hearing the word itself can initiate a physical response in the body for some people. In this stress series, Marie Hopkinson, Chinese Medicine practitioner gives some quick tips to reduce the effects of stress on your body. IDENTIFY the feeling or symptoms you feel. What do you feel in your body? Tight muscles, aches Read more about 3 Instant Stress Busters[…]

Remedial Massage at Metro Health

Discover the Benefits of Craniosacral therapy

ANDREY MAZAEV, Remedial Massage Therapist, at Metro Health and Medicine is a specialist in Myofacial release and Craniosacral therapy. What is Myofascial Release? The technique is primarily a gentle stretch of the fascia, a thin layer of connective tissue, which covers and separates muscle groups and organs. This technique is popular among massage therapists, chiropractors and Read more about Discover the Benefits of Craniosacral therapy[…]

Discover the peace zone…

Where is your peace zone? Where is the place where everything shuts off, where your mind can focus on a singular thing? Just breathe – no emails, no ideas or problems, no bills, no to do list or things to organize.  …just breathe in and out. Feel that life giving breath as your chest expands Read more about Discover the peace zone…[…]

Natural ways to stop pain

When your in pain, all you want to do is work out the fastest way to stop the pain. Toothache, headache, back pain, stomach pains, joint pains – there are lots of natural ways to stop and relieve pain fast. Acupuressure for natural pain relief For thousands of years people have been rubbing where it Read more about Natural ways to stop pain[…]

Surviving the Festive Season – Chinese medicine tips

With a calendar full of parties and Christmas day just around the corner, how do you survive the festive season without putting on extra kilos, getting over-stressed or going crazy? Chinese medicine practitioner, Marie Hopkinson shares some tips based on the Ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine that can help you get through the silly season. Read more about Surviving the Festive Season – Chinese medicine tips[…]