Kids can use Chinese Medicine too

Kids can use Chinese Medicine Too

Did you know Chinese medicine – herbs and acupuncture is just as effective for kids as it is for adults?

Maybe even more than an adult.

Kids have different physiology to adults – in Chinese medicine we see them as “full of yang” – they have natural exuberant energy that’s needed for growth and development. One reason kids respond so quickly to herbs and acupuncture is their body is not bogged down by years of living, stress, bad habits and poor diet that is common in adults.

The down side having exuberant yang can be that kids tend to “flare up” easily – thats why when kids get cold and flu’s they more quickly get a fever compared to an adult. And the fever can be alot higher.

Exuberant yang energy is normal for kids, but it can flare int excess problems when foods create stagnation and blockages, so the yang energy and blood can’t flow freely. Kids easily get phlegmy from foods.
Any parent would know it’s common for kids to get sick after going to a birthday party. Loads of sugary foods, getting excited and running around stirs up all that exuberant yang, at the same time the phlegmy-stagnation producing foods make the kids get a blockage in their digestion so they often just vomit after so much excess.
In pediatrics of Chinese medicine we say “if a food looks like snot, it makes snot” – Things like avocados, bananas and dairy products often make kids so phlegmy.

Flaring up of yang, and stagnation can also lead to problems with attention, focus and sleep.

This school holidays Marie is offering free herbal medicine kid’s consultations. Bring your child in to get their pulse checked. Marie will give you individual diet advice for your child as well as writing an indivusalised herbal formula.

Book here for the school holiday Free Initial Kids consultation this September.

If your wondering about kids taking Chinese medicine, no problem..we can help show you how to do it.

Herbal formulas are around $65-75 for 2-3 weeks of granule herbs, dosage is depending on body type and age.