Tong Kuai

ltong kuai man The story of Tong Kuai comes from the meaning of these two words…Tong means pain and Kuai happy. Together this saying has two meanings – “GOOD PAIN” and also as an expression of how you’re going. If someone said tong kuai in Chinese, their life is fantastic, on top of the world, never better. Sometimes you need “good pain” to get the Tong Kuai life!

Tong Kuai is a brand invented by Metro Health’s founder Marie Hopkinson. It’s a Chinese saying Marie got from her first visit to China – a training trip in Hangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital – it was common for the patients in the Chinese Massage ward to say “tong tong” when the treatments were too strong! (Tong by it’sself means pain).. one doctor would sometimes say back “tong Kuai” – then the patients would laugh…Kuai essentially means happy, together one meaning of Tong Kuai means good pain.

Tong_Kuai_photo_shoot_July_2014_014.jpgv1404459268Another, less common use of Tong Kuai is as an expression of how you are. Tong Kuai means really excellent, on top of the world, never better. Tong Kuai for our products fits well because our products express the benefits of Chinese medicine in every day life to help you feel on top of the world, never better, fantastic.

All our products we offer in our online and home store, and in wholesale reflect the 14+ years Marie has been serving the community, treating health problems and finding natural solutions for people’s everyday health needs.


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