Stop Nausea with this simple exercise

There is nothing worse than being stuck on an aeroplane feeling like your going to vomit.
Or feeling sick in the car, boat or anywhere else…it can ruin your holiday.
Watch as Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Marie Hopkinson shows you how to stop travel sickness. You can use this anywhere – on the plane, bus, car, boat…
and it works for all kinds of nausea.
watch the 1.5 minute video:



Here’s another way you can use acupressure for motion sickness and nausea:

Neiguan Pc 6 is a popular point for nausea, sea sickness, travel /motion sickness and morning sickness, but it dosent always work – because sometimes it’s not properly applied.

Also there are other acupuressure points and exercises that can be tried. I’ll show you how in my videos above.

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