Easy Stretch for tight upper body

This easy stretch can be done at home, work, school or wherever you have access to a door frame, and it makes a real difference.

Anne Stewart, Remedial Massage Therapist at Metro Health regularly gives her patients stretching tips as part of the treatment.

Simple Door frame stretch 

Target muscles: Pectoral muscles – Chest (If you put your hand on your heart to swear allegiance to the flag American style, you would be touching the Pectoralis Major muscle).

Also stretches : IMG_4854Teres Major (around the lateral side of shoulder blade area)

IMG_4855HOW TO DO THE STRETCH: Stand with hands at the door frame, 90degrees, looking up, chin tucked in and taking one little step in front to enhance the stretch.

“In general, people I treat tend to miss the importance of stretching particularly after exercise and, yes, massage too.  Regular patients will know that I will ask them if they have had a chance to do the suggested stretch(es) demonstrated at their last visit.  I do feel slightly disappointed if they haven’t as I know how much of a difference gentle stretching (not over stretching) does make to tired, tight or worked muscles.” Anne Stewart

Anne is available Saturday mornings at Metro Health, from 8am to 1pm. You are welcome to book online or call to book or find out more about what Anne can do for you. Anne practices a variety of techniques that are incorporated into her treatments, including deep tissue, trigger point, gentle myofascial techniques, Anne also has specialist training in  kinesiology taping and pregnancy massage. Sessions with Anne are able to be claimed with your health fund benefits.

Anne loves to promote the health and well-being of people and see the difference that treatment and stretching can make: “When treating my patients,  each week I will provide an easy to follow stretch for a common complaint that could be used during or after any exercise or activity.”

Article written by Marie Hopkinson, owner of Metro Health and Medicine.