Tips for going sugar free

Trying to kick refined sugar in your life?  Here are a few tips to get you started on your sugar free journey…  1) Go cold turkey – it’s better just to quit sugar, throw away your sugary treats and spend a few days letting your body and mind adjust. Pick a time when things aren’t Read more about Tips for going sugar free[…]

Your a Peach!

In Chinese medicine, the kernel of peaches are used as a herb, but it’s fruit also has medicinal properties. While the kernels must be used by a trained herbalist as they contain poison, which is controlled by their preparation methods, the fruit is quite easily accessible and safe to use. Peaches are coming into season Read more about Your a Peach![…]

Pre Birth Acupuncture

Pre Birth Acupuncture At Metro Health we offer this protocol as a way to help prepare the body for birth, through a series of four to six treatments, weekly from 34 to 36 weeks. Points are chosen to help position the baby in the best presentation for labour, encourage the ripening of the cervix and Read more about Pre Birth Acupuncture[…]

In the Third Trimester

In the Third Trimester As the pregnancy draws to it’s end, many women find relief from the may discomforts of the baby’s growth which often occurs in the late last trimester. Symptoms like swollen ankles, back pain and reflux can often be eased from acupuncture. A specially formulated pregnancy tonic can be prescribed for women Read more about In the Third Trimester[…]

Acupuncture in pregnancy

In the Second Trimester

In the Second Trimester  Tiredness,  Reflux, Morning sickness are all conditions which can show up in this trimester, and can be treated with Chinese medicine (Herbs and/or acupuncture). Tiredness can often be treated with diet therapy, a kind of nutrition based on the principals of Chinese medicine. It’s more focused on the energetic qualities of foods Read more about In the Second Trimester[…]

Acupuncture in pregnancy

In the First Trimester

In the First Trimester Morning sickness is one of the most common reasons patients seek acupuncture treatment. Morning Sickness  Nausea during pregnancy is often ignored as a minor disorder which will probably go away, although for some it can last for 12 to 16 weeks. Considering the severity is comparable to that of persistent food Read more about In the First Trimester[…]

Acupuncture in pregnancy

We believe your pregnancy should be one of life’s best experiences

We believe your pregnancy should be one of life’s best experiences At Metro Health, we believe Chinese medicine is a great health care option for everyone…especially for pregnant women! There are many reasons why women seek the help of a Chinese medicine practitioner during pregnancy. The most common reasons are morning sickness, threatened miscarriage, breech Read more about We believe your pregnancy should be one of life’s best experiences[…]