Herbal Mulled Wine Kit


Make your own delicious mulled wine in small batches.

This kit can be used unlimited times, however the kit comes with 3 packets of herbs to make three individual batches of mulled wine (500ml) per time
Herbal packs can be re-ordered upon enquiry


Make your own Mulled Wine with this easy to use kit, using the power of a tealight candle, it can brew up the wine in only 4 hours.

Comes with tempered glasswear – Burner base to hold the candle and heat the wine flask.

Made with High-quality herbs, organic or pesticide tested wherever possible.

each kit has 3 sashets of herbs, tealight candles and glasswear as pictured.

Ingredients of each sachet: Organic bay leaf, organic Go Ji berries, Organic nutmeg chips, organic clove buds, organic cinnamon chips, organic orange peel (Chen Pi), organic Star Anise.

Each Kit contains 3 x 15g (min) herbal packets.

Requires: 28g Sugar or substitue (such as a few spoons of honey) and 500ml Red wine.



Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm