January 26, 2015

About Us

Metro Health and Medicine


We believe Chinese Medicine is all about understanding the root (cause) of health problems, treating the symptoms and the root, and enabling people to live a healthy lifestyle that promotes 100 years of life.

Health is a finite resource.

The essence of Chinese medicine is about keeping your body healthy and free of disease and illness through a healthy lifestyle and diet. Although most patients come to us in a state of illness, this prevention philosophy underlies our treatments. Once your condition is on its way to improvement, there are many things you may be able to do for yourself to improve your health.

We believe in caring for sick people. We know when your body or mind is unwell, out of balance you can sometimes be at your worst. Our staff and practitioners aim to provide you with our highest possible level of care to get you back to your best.

As a practice, we aim to keep you informed by offering our regular free newsletter/blog posts, and occasional seminars about diet, massage, exercise etc. Our newsletter also has practice updates. It can be mailed or emailed to you. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please let us know, and we will remove you from the mailing list.

Every patient has the opportunity to ask questions at their consultations, and where appropriate, particular attention is paid to diet/lifestyle advice at your initial consultation.

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Marie’s Practice style:
Whilst embracing the traditional values of Chinese medicine, Marie’s practice style is also pragmatic. Marie enjoys keeping up to date with Chinese and Western medical research, and encourage patients to integrate modalities where appropriate. Overall, Marie’s approach to all patients is to view presenting complaints and make a diagnosis through a purely Chinese medicine lens.  Chinese Medicine is an entirely self-sufficient system. Marie’s treatments are all based on tree branches of Chinese Medicine – Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Diet Therapy.

All our practitioners endeavour to inform patients, to the best of their experience, the length and frequency of treatments required to reach the desired result. This may assist new patients in determining the appropriateness of Chinese medicine in your situation.


Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive system which can assess and treat people in all ages and stages of life. We use Acupuncture and Herbs to treat babies, kids, adolescents / teenagers, adults and elderly. Chinese medicine can treat both acute and chronic conditions.

We treat all kinds of people, and do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, ability or disability, nationality or religious preferences. If we are unable to help you we may refer you to another, specialised Chinese Medicine practitioner or another modaility where appropriate – EG, western medicine (GP).

In a recent practice audit we found patients come from all over Perth and WA. While most of our patients are from Maylands, Bayswater, Mount Lawley, East Perth, a lot also live in Morley, Midland, Bassendean, Perth city, Belmont, Guildford, Swan Valley, Ellenbrook and many patients travel from southern suburbs like South perth, Cottesloe, Scarborough and some FIFO workers come in on their week home in Perth.

If you live abroad, interstate and would like to be treated by Marie with Chinese Herbal Medicine, we can arrange a remote-consultation via skype or email as necessary.

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