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Better Sleep

Get a better nights sleep

Getting Better Sleep with Chinese Medicine When you can’t sleep, in medical terms it’s called Insomnia. Sleep quality can be improved with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and helped with Chinese diet therapy. Research supports the treatment of Insomnia with acupuncture and herbs. As with all conditions, the way a Chinese Medicine practitioner approaches the Read more about Get a better nights sleep[…]

Nei Jing Wisdom for Spring

The Nei Jing is the oldest, most used text of Chinese Medicine, dating back to the Han Dynasty around 2,200 years old. It’s written as a discourse between the Emperor – Huang Di (meaning Yellow Emperor) and his Physican Qi Bo, where he asks questions of life, death, health, disease and medicine. Here’s the conversation Read more about Nei Jing Wisdom for Spring[…]

30 Days of Winter – day 14 – busting winter blues

Feeling down from the winter blues? You’re not alone. In winter, the lack of sunshine rays makes some people more vulnerable to feelings of depression, flatness and even sadness.  Lithium is a natural chemical that our bodies absorb through the skin which is present in rays of sunshine. Natural sunlight has the ability to wake us Read more about 30 Days of Winter – day 14 – busting winter blues[…]

30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee

30 Days of winter continues with this fun new recipe. Mini slow cookers are great for winter, you can pick up these tiny slow cookers from supermarkets (I got one from Woolworths recently) for around $20. The benefits of slow cookers being smaller is great for congee, because generally each serve is quite small, and Read more about 30 Days of Winter – Day 12 – Black Forrest Congee[…]

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why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together

Herbal medicine and acupuncture are two of the five treatment branches of Chinese medicine. Do they go separately or can you have them together? Chinese Medicine Doctor, Marie Hopkinson explains why you want to have herbs with your acupuncture. In my experience, acupuncture is much more well known than other aspects of Chinese medicine like Read more about why you want to do herbs and acupuncture together[…]

Kids can use Chinese Medicine too

Kids can use Chinese Medicine Too Did you know Chinese medicine – herbs and acupuncture is just as effective for kids as it is for adults? Maybe even more than an adult. Kids have different physiology to adults – in Chinese medicine we see them as “full of yang” – they have natural exuberant energy Read more about Kids can use Chinese Medicine too[…]

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What to expect from your first consultation

Chinese medicine can be very different from other forms of medicine. What happens at your initial consultation? How long will it take and what can I do to prepare for it? Practice owner & Chinese herbalist Marie Hopkinson answers your questions about the first time you come in for acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. The point Read more about What to expect from your first consultation[…]

30 days of winter…day 11…Herbal Beef Strog

Cooking with Herbs – Herbal Beef Strog We’re at day 10 already! Weather getting cooler and calling for a more hearty warming diet! This is my herbal version of a classic Russian dish. Herbal beef Strog switches out cream for yoghurt, and by adding some Chinese herbs and vegetable chowder to the dish is still Read more about 30 days of winter…day 11…Herbal Beef Strog[…]