Berry Vanilla Soy Melt – Carton


a sweet warm blend to calm the mind and uplift the soul

Carton of 18 units in one point of sale carton.

All hand made in WA.

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a sweet warm blend to calm the mind and uplift the soul

All our soy wax melts are handmade in Western Australia by real people who care about what they are doing.

Soy wax melts are a convenient, non-fuss way to use an oil burner in your home, providing long-lasting fragrance enjoyment.

Soy wax is a natural plant based product and not derived from a petrochemical. It has a low melting point, so the melts are typically cooler and longer lasting than paraffin wax.

Place the melt in the top of the oil burner. There is no need to add water. Light a tealight candle under the oil burner. It is recommended to use each melt for up to 3 hours at one time. In total it can provide fragrance of 20-30 hours. If the melt is to big for your oil burner, you should snap off a piece small enough to fit your burner. Each time you use the melt, it will provide a nice “scent throw” which is the big scent you will notice as soon as the wax begins to melt.

There is no danger of the oil burner burning dry using wax melts, as the wax itself does not evaporate.

Simply let the melt cool and push out.  You can loosen with a pen around the edges, or put it in the fridge for a few minutes, and the melt will pop out more easily.

Hand Made in WA, developed by Natural Health Practitioner Marie Hopkinson, the Metro Health Wax Melts are made using 100% Pure Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils. Where possible we use locally sourced ingredients and manufacturing tools.



Marie Hopkinson is the owner and creator of Metro Health and Medicine. Starting out a a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in 2001, Marie grew the business, operating in Morley, Maylands to it’s current location in North Perth WA. Marie started making products in 2006, beginning with making dermatological products for patients on an individual basis, it grew from there. Marie’s first products to bring to market was Hard Core Man Lips®. Now with over 50 different products made right in our Perth-based “factory”, the range of Chinese Medicine and Natural health innovations extends over many health and beauty products.

Marie also practices Chinese Medicine and can be consulted for appointments, while in-person is preferred, Email /phone consultations can be arranged. Marie has been practicing since 2000, completing initial 3-year course in Chinese Medicine at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies in WA. Marie has been to China for additional training in the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Hangzhou Shi Zhong Yi Yuan) twice as well as completing a Master of International Health at Curtin University in 2006. Marie is passionate about the effective practice and understanding of Chinese Medicine and enjoys the opportunity to educate patients about the benefits of self-help aspects such as diet therapy, as well as teaching Chinese Medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

For more info about booking an appointment with Marie CLICK HERE.

For more info about conditions treated with Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Medicine CLICK HERE.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 cm


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