Foundational Concepts of Chinese Medicine – learn Chinese Medicine with Marie Hopkinson



Discover self-empowerment through learning ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine in my new course, Foundational Concepts of Chinese Medicine – on demand


  • 12x 3-hour* training sessions
  • Learning Materials including handouts, Slide shows and interactive questions within the video content.
  • Access all content at once, and learn at your own pace

BONUS (Avail April & May 2022)

  • 2x 30 minute personal (one-on-one) learning consultations with Dr. Marie Hopkinson (Doctor of Chinese Medicine) are included as a bonus for this course.

Each Class has been recorded live, and builds incremental knowledge week to week.

Please note:

*Exact training times vary week to week, in a 3-hour session there 3×45-50 minute sessions with break times allocated within a 3-hour zoom class. Each training session has 135 -150 minutes of live lecture recorded content.

  1. Price is in Australian Dollars.
  2. Access to personal learning consultations Terms and Conditions are below.
  3. Access to course begins 24 hrs after enrolment & ends 12 months after purchase.
  4. Learning materials, course content including videos are only for the use of the person enrolled in the course, and are not to be shared. Sharing of the content is a violation of the conditions of the learning agreement and will result in access being immediately revoked, and no refund will be given.
  5. BONUS – Online learning consultations Terms and Conditions –
    1. The two consultations must be booked and used by 30-04-2023
    2. Booked consultations cannot be rescheduled, unless an emergency situation arrises. Not turning up for your booked consultation session will result in it/them being fore-fit.
    3. A booking link will be issued by email as part of your course registration package. It is up to individuals to book their two consultations by the due date, should they wish to use them.
    4. Consultations cannot be used for personal health advice, or as a replacement for a health practitioners consultation/treatment. Advice given in personal consultations is theoretical in nature and pertains to the learning of Chinese medicine, natural health and the self-help nature of such healthcare and natural medical systems.

This course can be taken at your own pace, over a one-year period from date of purchase.

Once paid, you will receive an email within 24 hrs of purchase with access to your course materials and booking link for your two private learning consultations. The recording access lasts 1 year from purchase of your course.

Check your inbox including SPAM files. If you have any trouble receiving your course info by email you can contact: [email protected]