Harmony Herbal Tea Gift Size


This tea is a mix of herbs based on ancient Chinese wisdom with properties to “calm the Shen” The Shen is the mental-emotional aspects of one’s body. Herbs used promote harmony of the mind and body. The refreshing flavour of this tea makes it a great everyday tea.

Tong Kuai herbal teas are dispensed by volume. there is enough tea in the gift tubes to make 2 pots of tea, serving 3 cups of tea, by pouring hot water 3 x over the same herbs you can make up to 18 cups of tea.

Alternatively, Tong Kuai herbal teas can make up to 4 cups of tea by individual cup infuser, yielding 12 cups of tea by pouring hot water 3 times over.

Most herbal teas in our range retain and improve their flavor with 3 to 5 hot water pours. Herbal teas make for a very economical beverage.



New from Tong Kuai, our herbal teas are now available in glass & cork gift size.



Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 cm