Shaolin Warrior Herbal Tea Gift size


Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas from the Shaolin Temple, this tea is made from herbs with properties that move Blood, and Qi (energy), facilitating circulation and elimination of toxins following exercise / training.

Tong Kuai herbal teas are dispensed by volume. there is enough tea in the gift tubes to make 2 pots of tea, serving 3 cups of tea, by pouring hot water 3 x over the same herbs you can make up to 18 cups of tea.

Alternatively, Tong Kuai herbal teas can make up to 3-4 cups of tea by individual cup infuser, yielding 12 cups of tea by pouring hot water 3 times over.

Most herbal teas in our range retain and improve their flavor with 3 to 5 hot water pours. Herbal teas make for a very economical beverage.



New from Tong Kuai, our herbal teas are now available in glass & cork gift size.

Ji Xue Teng – Spatholobus Root and Vine (Caulis Spatholobi) – dry herb root, Chi Shao – Red Peony Root (Radix Paeoniae Rubra) – dry herb root, Go Qi Zi – Goji (Fructus Lycii) – dry herb root, Chuan Xiong –  Sichuan lovage (Rhizoma Ligustici) – dry herb root, Huang Qi – Astragalus root (Radix Astragal) – dry herb root.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 cm